Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Winter wonderland in Wisconsin

Welcome to winter in Wisconsin. The week before last we we're enjoying a nice January thaw and then this last Thursday we enjoyed a snowstorm that dumped about 6inches of wet heavy snow on us.  Once again welcome to Wisconsin, if you don't like the weather wait a little while and it will change.

Since we received a decent amount of snow and actually had a free weekend we decided make a trip to the local sledding hill with a friend who my oldest daughter adores. It was alot of fun but hopefully my youngest isn't old enough to remember it or she probably won't be going sledding again. 
On her first trip down the hill she fell off the tube she was on and went into the snow.  A loud cry was heard. 

A little while later, after she had calmed down, she and I decided to go down together on one of our other sleds. By some force of nature the wet heavy snow that we had gotten on Thursday had changed to light fluffy snow. On our trip down the hill, we managed to get off the paths from previous sleds and ended up looking like two snow men. We were enveloped in a cloud of snow as we sped down the  hill. My little girl got experience her first white wash at the hands of her mama and Mother Nature. When we got to the bottom of the run, I dug out my screaming crying little girl from the pile of snow that surrounded her and my legs. She was covered literally from head to toe in snow. 

Needless  to say that was her last trip for the day. The rest of us enjoyed a few more runs down the hill. Tell me why is it so much fun to fly down the hill but the walk back up seems so much harder and longer as an adult?  It must be the extra baggage of taking kids and a sled back up hill with you. After a wonderful morning of sledding we headed back home to warm up in front of the woodstove with a nice cup of hot chocolate.
Below are a few pictures of the farm after the snow storm and the morning before we left for sledding. Enjoy.

A kitty trying to watch us inside.

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