Monday, February 25, 2013

A whole new Wardrobe!

This weekend I undertook the task of changing out my youngest clothes. It is one of those projects that can take all day especially if you have kids "helping" you. Granted these clothes are mostly hand me downs but they are still new to my girls.

This got me thinking when was the last time you got a whole new wardrobe?  My girls don't know how lucky they are. I wish that I was able to get a whole new dresser and closet full of new clothes every few months to every year.  About the closest I have ever come to getting a new wardrobe was when I was pregnant. Even then it was more of a necessary because I could not fit into my old clothes. Even then these clothes I only got to wear for a few months.

So I think its time for one Mama to go shopping and buy a new outfit! I will do this to celebrate the life that I lead and celebrate bringing two beautiful girls into this crazy world. They are one of the highlights and definitely part of my chaos. I also am going to do this to celebrate myself and make myself feel good.  I will let you when and what  I find for my new outfit. If you would like to join me let me know what you get.

Embrace life and love and celebrate yourself.

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