Sunday, January 13, 2013

Welcome to my blog.  I'm a full time working mom with two beautiful girls. My oldest is in 4K and my youngest is just over a year old. They keep me on my toes everyday and wear me out.  My question of the day... why do kids have so much energy and why don't moms have the same energy level as they do?

Apart from the kids I live on a Hobby farm.  We have 2 horses, 2 pygmy goats, 2 male geese, a bunch of barn cats and a half dozen chickens.  I enjoy having the animals around and interacting with them.  I am not a farm girl or a show horseman.  I'm a simple country girls that enjoys living in the country and having animals.  

I also enjoy gardening (well not the weed pulling so much) and have made several flowerbeds and enjoy the beautiful flowers and produce .  I also enjoy photography, scrapbooking,  and crafting with the kids.  I  am a person that enjoys cooking when I don't have to.  When it comes to cooking everyday while the kids are whining that they are starving, I would rather have someone else do it for me.  But alas I still am the main cook, maid, doctor, disciplinarian and entertainment in my house.  The life of a Mom!

I hope to use this blog as a place to share advice, be creative, share ideas, and just have fun.  I will share a little piece of my world.  So come on in and  Enjoy!

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