Sunday, January 20, 2013

Christmas Stocking for Momma

Some where in reading on the web I came across an interesting article or blog was all about how Mom's take the time to make sure that everyone has stuff under the tree and in their stocking for Christmas and how moms tend to end up with nothing in there stocking.  The article told about how two moms who were friends decided that it was unfair and decided that they would switch stocking so that they would not go empty.

Well this year my best friend and I decided to do the same.  So we set a dollar limit and got things together to send to each other.  It was pretty fun finding things that I thought she would like for Christmas.  She is a very sparkly girly girly as I like to call her.  So it was fun to see what creative things I could find for her.  I know her since I was in college so I found some stuff that totally was fitting for her.

As for me below you can see a picture of the gift I received from her.  It included a stocking (handmade  I think), a package of homemade Hot Cocoa, a notebook with a sparkly high heeled shoe on it, a 365 Crock Pot calendar, berry body-spray  a light-up snowman ornament, a travel pack of tissues, and hand & face mini wet wipes, a set of gel pens, a miniature champagne glass with mini beads in it, a party cracker and a snugly pair of socks.   I tried the cocoa the night I received the package and it was delicious    I look forward to using the rest including the snugly socks and the crock pot recipes.

It was a wonderful gift and I look forward to making this a new tradition between us.  I hope she agrees!

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