Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Sorry for the Long Break.

Sorry for the long break but let me explain why I have been away and not posted in  while.

So here goes at the beginning of April we heard from the people that they finally had an accepted offer on their house. So that got the ball rolling on the sale of our house. We still are not sure on our closing date, it could be as early as the end of May or as late as the end of June. They also asked if we would let them rent our current house two weeks before the closing date so they can paint. We decided that we would consider it once we had a closing date. I am not real interested in renting our house out but we will see.

Well that was at the end of April. At the middle of May we called our realtor to see what was going on since we hadn't heard from our buyers. They were in the process of getting a loan commitment. Well we finally got that from them only to find out that their buyer's bank screwed up and didn't get an appraisal ordered. So they put a rush on an appraisal and had one done the end of last week and were still pushing for closing at the end of June.

We received a note from our realtor yesterday saying that the appraisal was at the bank and we should hear back yesterday. So we called today only to find out that their appraisal came back a little lower than the offer price so our buyers dropped their price lower than the appraisal and then some. Unfortunately their buyer's decided to walk away.

So now we are waiting till the end of the week to see what our buyers are going to do. They can either get a bridge loan or carry two mortgages till theirs sells. We have already told them that we are not going to extend the contract that we have had with them since October.

Once we hear from them we will have to figure out what we are going to do. It is so frustrating because we could have moved into our new house anytime since August. Since things were moving forward we have really started packing and moved more stuff over. This coming weekend we had planned on moving our hay, tractors, farm stuff and large swing set. Now we once again are in holding.

So please send out a prayer to have this all move in the right direction! I am a firm believer in everything happens for a reason but this one is hard to deal with at the moment.

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